Geminid meteor shower by Kenneth Brandon

Tea at the End of the World: Interviews & Essays

Tea at the End of the World once belonged to a series that mashed up the genres of romance and disaster, known as Storming Love. Each subseries dealt with its own natural disaster, from earthquakes to tsunamis.

The line for which the publisher asked me to write came from a desire to throw science fiction into the mix, and they called it Meteor Strikes! (or Meteor Shower on some original covers before the name change; think Revenge of the Jedi posters and toy packaging before they realized Jedis wouldn’t seek revenge and retitled the movie, Return of the Jedi. Revising is a beautiful part of the creative process, my friends).

Each standalone book could be enjoyed without reading the other books in the series; Herc & Pyotr was the last and longest in the series at thirty thousand words, with the most reviews (currently available on Goodreads, but no longer on Amazon since I changed the title).

If you’re looking for behind-the-scenes fun, trivia, and philosophizing, please enjoy these interviews and essays! I’ve also added a podcast that includes a discussion of Tea at the End of the World.

Photo credit: Kenneth Brandon

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