Cover of Tea at the End of the World depicting a handsome, young Asian man partially submerged in a white liquid with his eyes closed and face, neck, and chest above the liquid.

The End is Here!

Cover of Tea at the End of the World featuring a partially submerged upper body of a handsome Asian man in a shimmering white liquid.
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The gently revised, second edition of Herc & Pyotr is out with a new title and sexy cover! I present to you, Tea at the End of the World. For those unfamiliar with my second book originally published in 2016, here’s the description:

Herc thought he had the perfect life: a great partner and a meaningful career as a psychotherapist—until his partner left him a week ago and Herc became too depressed to see his clients. When a random meteorite punched a tidy hole in his car’s engine, it seemed like the world had it in for him, but bumping into Pyotr, the handsome older man who’s moved in a couple of doors down and happens to study things like falling stars, life might be looking up for Herc—and more may be falling than the skies in this light-hearted, apocalyptic romance.

I’m so happy to share this second edition with you! However, I also have to share a mistake I made, too: When I received the rights back to Herc & Pyotr and prepared it for re-release with a new title, I hadn’t known that Amazon wouldn’t accept it as a second edition without the previous title.

What this meant was that if I moved forward with calling the book Tea at the End of the World, all the reviews (and there were plenty) from the first edition would disappear as if they were hit with an ELE (“Extinction Level Event”).

With the smokin’ cover completed and the book formatted and ready to go, I didn’t want to turn back. Publishing my work myself has been important for me in moving my writing career in the direction I–and hungry readers–have wanted for a long time: to enjoy the adventures of sexy, strong, queer Asian men who are the heroes of their own stories. Tea at the End of the World may actually be a second edition, but the reclaiming and renaming is pure first edition, baby!

I’ll miss those reviews. There are quotes from them at the beginning of Tea at the End of the World, and if you’re curious, you can check some out that were also posted on Goodreads (while they’re there).

Better yet, I welcome you to write your own reviews if you enjoy the book. I will be truly grateful if you spread the word and help me to tell more of the stories you and I both love.

Photo credit: Den Sweeney Photography. Model: James Mai

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