The End is Nigh

I’m working on the re-release of the second book I had published, Herc & Pyotr. Originally, it was a part of a sub-series called Meteor Strikes in a series known as Storming Love from MLR Press.

The idea was to create “disaster romances” and I used this as an opportunity to do a mashup that would incorporate pop culture elements from my favorite (and not so favorite) disaster flicks.

If you haven’t already, please treat yourself to The Poseidon Adventure (first one) which has an earworm-worthy theme song, and of course, Meteor! which was a heavy influence on my own story. The protagonists, Herc and Pyotr, derive their names from this movie: “Hercules” and “Peter the Great” are missile systems the United States and Soviets aim at each other from space, before cooperating and targeting them at the oncoming meteor hurtling toward Earth.

Now that I’m independently publishing and re-releasing this book, I’ve decided to change the title to something more descriptive, that I’ll reveal (along with the full cover; a partial cover can be seen on my Instagram) when it’s ready.

I’m so excited for the second edition. I’ve edited the whole thing and made a few changes to tighten the writing, but the story that received rave reviews is still the same. If you missed it the first time around three years ago, here’s your chance to enjoy it, all freshened up and rarin’ to go!

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