Cover of THCock: Stoner Boys depicting a young, Caucasian man sitting on a windowsill beside a marijuana plant and gazing out at the viewer.

New story in anthology celebrating men and marijuana

Cover to the gay erotica anthology, THCOCK: Stoner Boys, with a cannabis theme.
THCOCK: Stoner Boys, edited by Bud Kush (Lethe Press)

My short story, “When Needs Befall,” has been published in the provocatively and aptly titled anthology of gay erotica with a cannabis theme, THCOCK: Stoner Boys (Lethe Press).

This story is in the urban fantasy genre, which sets mythology and folklore in contemporary and often urban (but could be elsewhere) settings.

“When Needs Befall” takes place in a Chinese restaurant, where a tired cook’s evening toke in a back alley before closing attracts the attention of a mysterious, one-eyed man seeking old-fashioned hospitality. Whose needs will be met tonight?

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